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Lighter Sentence in Federal Court

We hired Attorney Steven Berne for a federal case. He conveniently guided us through most of the case without having to drive to him which was a big plus. Our case was complex and Steven worked on getting a lighter sentence which was definitely worth hiring him!

We highly recommend!

Steve represented my brother and was the most caring and very well at communicating and getting us prepared for court. My brother has felt great with having Steve to represent him. We highly recommend!

Highly recommended

I met Steven in 2020 after being charged for reckless driving. This was a first for me and Steven has been there for me anytime I needed a consultation even for minor things. He always laid out my options and helped me understand the good and bad of each scenario. Prosecutors can be very difficult and downright condescending but I’ve never worried because he does such a wonderful job of keeping me at ease. No one wishes to be on the wrong side of the law but if you are, you will not regret having him by your side. Extremely thankful for your hard work good sir. God bless!

The Best

I was so satisfied with Mr Berne. He always has the clients best interest in mind and works hard to fight for you. Every single time in court the judges always compliment him on how eloquent his presentations are. He always maintains contact with me through mail or text or phone call for jail always responds quickly and handles all court procedures in a timely manner. I will always hire him for any cases I have and would recommend him to anyone looking for amazing representation. The judges and Us Attorneys respect him and they have a great rapport.


I chose Steven as my lawyer in Nov 2019. My case took 3 years to complete due to COVID halting the process of court dates and Steven did not ask for a second retainer fee.. I was facing a felony charge and 10 years probation.. Steven was able to negotiate it down immediately to a 1 year probation sentence , NO Jail time and my charges were reduced to a MISDEMEANOR . I’m no longer a felon thanks to this man . I wanna express major gratitude and praise! He does his homework and I would recommend his services to any individual!! Thank you Steven

Very knowledgeable in the justice system and how functions

If you are reading this you probably found yourself on the wrong end of the law. I hired Steve and was able to have the charge dropped ultimately. Steve really understand and will work hard for you. I would recommend him if you find yourself in need of a defense attorney.

Saved me from going to prison

I was facing three felony charges and this Angel of a Man got me two years probation. His fees were also very reasonable. I highly recommend Mr. Berne.

I highly recommend him

Steve was very good in my case almost made it as family was able to reach out to him on things that didn't concern my case and he always listened and responded I highly recommend him.

Christopher A.
Honest and very Impressive

I hired Mr Berne after being let down by a couple of other attorneys, I hired him based on the reviews about him and I was more than impressed about the way he handled my case, my first meeting with him gave me peace of mind that I am in the right hand. he is very knowledgeable and and made sure he got me result. He handled my case as if that was the only case he had, he will always call the prosecutor's office to speed things up. He is very reliable and put the interest of his client first. I dealt with other lawyers and I must say Mr Berne stands out. If you want someone that is reliable, someone that will take up your case with compassion and zeal to get positive result. I recommend Mr Berne.

Excellent attorney!

I’ll keep a long story brief. I had a warrant from 2015 I didn’t know about until the police ran my driver’s license. The reason for the warrant was for an old ticket where they sent a notice to appear to an old address so I never made it to court. I was shocked and got arrested in Dekalb county but the warrant was from Fulton. I was terrified because I have no experience with going to jail…much less for an old ticket! I was processed in Dekalb and then transferred to Fulton. When you’re unexpectedly arrested it’s pretty overwhelming, but Steven was phenomenal in helping me and my family feel less anxiety about the situation. He gave us clear options and instructions and we were able to get me out in 24 hours. When we met in person he was very easy to talk to and explained things clearly. We kept in steady communication about my future court date. The day of court I felt confident and more at ease knowing Steven would be there as my representation. I would say I’d hire him again, in the future, but let’s hope I don’t have to!

Highly Recommended

When searching for an attorney I called several firms, and Mr. Berne was the only attorney I spoke to directly. He took charge of my case immediately and efficiently with great communication and professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend Steven Berne!

High Regards

Mr. Berne is a smart & aggressive attorney. He is highly-respected, a caring gentleman, and can keep you calm in a very stressful case. Mr. Berne helped me with my case in efforts to obtain a favorable outcome, and I would recommend him again and again. He is an excellent attorney.

Exceptional Counsel

I am so grateful for how Mr. Berne represented my family member. He was very attentive to my family member's needs. He was diligent in his efforts in gathering concrete evidence and presenting the case that was not only heard but I believe was also felt in such a way that it made allowances for my family to get all that he needs to serve his time, receive the medical attention that is needed and to assist him in becoming a productive and law abiding citizen. Well done Mr. Berne!

He was able to lessen my plea charges

I hired Mr. Steven Berne to fight a criminal case on my behalf. He was able to lessen my plea charges from 3 to 1 charge. He kept my personal citizenship status private in court and I appreciate that he spoke up about this.

Best lawyer around!

Best lawyer around! My husband and I were very pleased to have hired Mr. Berne. He was very informative and educated us on the case. He made it easy on us throughout the legal process. We are very pleased with the services and results to his case. We will definitely be recommending him.

Very Attentive

Mr. Berne was very attentive and understanding of my case. He worked with me to find out the facts of my case and also let me know everything play by play. Great communication throughout.

Great Attorney

Mr. Berne was a great, honest and non-judgmental attorney. He listened and received an outcome I was more than happy about. Even after the case was done he still is willing to help with any questions or follow-up actions needed. I don't plan on hiring him again because that means I got into trouble, however if I did he would be my first call.

I'm a Believer!

Hello I was referred to Steve Berne by a lawyer who helped a coworker of mine, who we are still in contact with each other til this day, myself personally had a federal case which is quite serious Steve Berne was my attorney helping me with my case from beginning to end explained to me in detail what he could do for me, always kept in touch with me, for many months as time went on, we would sit an talk things out so I had a clear understanding of what was going on. Mr. Berne made me a believer.

The BEST Lawyer in Atlanta

Mr. Steven Berne provided me with excellent legal care. I was consistently reassured that my case was in good hands. Each time I had a new concern throughout the process, I knew all I had to do was reach out. He gave me great advice that lead to a complete dismissal of my charges. I am very grateful for him today and I would recommend to all of my friends. As well as, any stranger that needed the same kind of help. By FAR the best lawyer in Atlanta. Thank you Mr. Berne!

Amazing LAWYER

Amazing lawyer gives you that comfort that everything will be fine stays in contact with you and keeps you updated I will always and forever keep in mind that Steven Berne is an amazing Lawyer and will fight for you. Thank you Steven Berne for everything you doing for me and my family!

Excellent lawyer

Steven is a great lawyer, very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. I hired him and my case resolved in a better way because of him. If I had a question about my case, I could call him or email and hear back from him in very timely manner. He is a great attorney and I highly recommend him. Thank you Steven.

Highly Recommended

Steven Berne was a life saver and gave hope to my family at a time when my options appeared to be limited to none. Not only was he able to defend me to his highest potential but also his calm and personable demeanor offered emotional security and faith throughout the entire process.

One of the best Attorneys in Atlanta

Me. Berne was a wonderful attorney to work with. He is very understanding,attentive, professional and thorough in his defense. He truly works hard to get his client the best outcome. I hope no one gets in trouble but if you do his is one of the best attorneys you can call.

Very pleased!

I hired Steven to handle my traffic case because I lived out of state and was unable to appear before the court myself. Steven took care of everything and made the whole process very easy on me. I'm so glad it's all over!

Great Lawyer

Mr. Berne is a highly qualified professional lawyer, who did a great job on my case. He got all of my charges dismissed. He responded to my questions in a timely manner and explained everything I needed to know in detail. I highly recommend him 100%.

Great job!!

Steve took care of a dispute for me with a past employer. He was on top of the case and always responsive to my questions and concerns. I would recommend him to anyone that needs representation.

Thank You Mr. Berne

Steven Berne is a thoughtful and caring individual and a great attorney. My felony charge was looking at 15 to 20 years. After carefully reviewing the evidence he proved my innocence. Not only did I never see a trial, he also had the case cleared and thrown out. I am truly thankful for Steven Berne and the service he provided.


Mr. Berne represented me in a federal conspiracy case and was facing 10+ years. Mr. Berne is a great lawyer he is knowledgable, responsive and honest. Throughout the case Mr. Berne was transparent with me and always answered and addressed any concerns I had. He made me feel like he cared not only as his client but as person. If you are looking for a lawyer to fight for you hire Steven Berne you will not be disappointed !

Mike H
Best Man for the Job

Attorney Steven Berne is the best lawyer. Mr. Berne is compassionate and will work extremely hard on your case. I am truly grateful that he represented me in my case. Choosing Mr. Berne as my lawyer was the very best decision I could have made.

C. M.
A Dedicated Attorney

Seeing Mr. Berne’s great rating on Avvo is not surprising, he is a very good attorney. I was facing a felony charge when I hired Mr. Berne, but he worked to get it reduced to a misdemeanor with no prison time. I am very fortunate to have not been charged with some of the very serious charges I’ve seen in these reviews. However, whenever your freedom is at stake it is serious, and my freedom was at stake when I called Mr. Berne in search of a good attorney. When I first spoke to Mr. Berne I had not been charged yet, but I had received a target letter and it was very likely that I would be charged with a felony. I was very nervous about hiring an attorney as I had not made very good decisions in the past when choosing an attorney. Mr. Berne sounded like someone I could trust. Of the several attorneys I spoke to I only got a good feeling from two of them, one of which was Mr. Berne. I ultimately hired him because of those two, he followed up. Mr. Berne has a quality that many lawyers do not have. He fully understands that the human element is a part of every case. He understands that he literally has people’s lives in his hands when he represents them, and he takes that seriously. Many attorneys are very well educated in the letter of the law, but they seem to have lost their connection with humanity. Mr. Berne has not lost his connection this humanity, and that sets him apart. After hiring him I was still nervous because my case was “small potatoes” so to speak compared to the much more serious cases that lawyers of his pedigree handle daily. I was concerned that he could take his eye off the ball on my case because it was a relatively “low offense” case. That nervousness came from past experience, not from anything Mr. Berne had shown me. He showed me just the opposite throughout his handling of my case. He stayed on top of my case and kept me updated. I tried not to call him, email him, or text him much. I just trusted him to do the job and prayed and hoped that he would not let me down. He didn’t let me down. Though my case was relatively simple, there were some unexpected twists, the last of which is still pending at the time of this writing, but Mr. Berne took them in stride working diligently to resolve them. As said, I was facing a felony charge when I hired Mr. Berne, but he got it reduced to a misdemeanor with no jail time. Two of the lawyers I had spoken to before I hired Mr. Berne told me that I was just going to have to accept a felony conviction. After I hired Mr. Berne he asked me what I wanted. I told him that of course I would love for all of this to just go away, but the next best thing would be to have another chance at a life without a felony conviction. He responded saying “that’s possible”. He delivered.

Phenomenal Service

Steven went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable throughout the legal process. He was timely, thorough, and considerate. He even went as far as to meet me at work when I couldn't make it into his office. I am for than satisfied with his attentiveness, work ethic, and representation overall. I am even more grateful for the favorable outcome in my case. Thank you!

Excellent Attorney

Mr. Berne is an amazing attorney. He is dedicated and very professional when it comes to his job. It was very important for me to see the interest that he had to understand my case and also that for him it was important to get to know me as a person. It was very easy for me to trust and talk to him. I will forever be thankful for everything he did for me; it really means a lot. I widely recommend Mr. Berne he is a great attorney!

Most awesome Lawyer Out There!!

I had the most pleasure of working with Berne. This is my first criminal 'experience' and I was facing 2 years. But with Mr. Berne he brought me all the way down to just 4 months and he says he still isn't finished with my case. This was a crazy thing in my life but he made it so much easier and to deal with. Thank you so much.

B. G.
Steven cares personally about his clients that sets him apart.

Steven goes far beyond the normal client relationship. I have had two other lawyers before meeting him. I did not feel they cared about me personally at all and were only looking for my money to pay for service. He really cared about me as a person and therefore the outcome and consequences of what happened to me were important to him. I was very happy with his service, his professionalism, his flexibility and responsiveness. I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone who is not a typical lawyer and he will get results !

Great lawyer

I was locked up and denied a bond in the county jail while I was on first offender probation in another county. Once I retained Mr. Berne as my lawyer, he worked very diligently to secure me a bond to get out of jail. He then went above and beyond to suppress the evidence in my new case to give me the best opportunity in court. My legal history wasn't the best and my new charges didn't look good on my behalf. Mr. Berne worked a miracle in court for me to remain free. He was very professional and very transparent and upfront about all the charges and the steps that we would take to exonerate me. I definitely reccomend him as a lawyer. He was awesome and very professional

Extraordinary Attorney!!

Mr. Berne is one of the best Lawyers I've ever came in contact with. He's very hands on and is very Responsive. He responds to text messages And Emails that some attorneys ignore. He addresses issues that you bring up and doesn't avoid them. He's straight forward; not biased; And he's very Professional; and Passionate about his Job.

Absolute best lawyer to handle your case!!!

From the moment I spoke with Mr. Berne he was informative, attentive and thorough. As a first time offender with multiple charges against me I had no guidance on how to handle the legal system, not to mention terrified also. Within our first meeting I was put at complete ease. He walked me through the entire process and what to expect. Anytime I had questions concerning my case he would promptly respond in the most professional and informative fashion. Because of Mr. Berne I was able to live my life fully knowing that I had the most competent lawyer on my side. Thanks to Mr. Berne my charges were dropped and cleared from my record with the only penalty of light community service. I can not recommend Mr. Berne enough. Look no further he will absolutely give you the best results.

Early termination

I hired Mr. Berne to help me write a motion to get off probation early and he did an amazing job. He was very professional and I was granted early termination. He is a great lawyer.

A++ Great experience

Well I was seeking a lawyer to get rid of two warrants that I had no idea what the charges were for. I called multiple attorneys that day. Most didn't even want to investigate my case without me giving them the retainer fee. Mr. Berne went above and beyond my expectations. He got all my charges dropped without even having to attend court nor did I have to pay my 10,000 dollar bond. He is truly amazing and I would recommend him to anyone with legal trouble. Thanks again Steven you the man!!!!

Awesome Attorney

I was referred to Steven Berne from a friend of mines and I must say that was the best referral of my life. In the past I dealt with attorneys that started out answering my calls until they got my money and then I couldn't get them on the phone, but not Seven he not only did he answered my calls he returned all missed calls within a timely manner. I was facing almost 10 years and Steven fought to get my sentence down to 65 months. He maintained consistent level of professionalism and I felt he went above and beyond to make sure I knew every step of my case. He was upfront and honest and kept me completely informed throughout. I felt he fought hard and did not make any promises he did not live up to in the end. Not only is Steven a great attorney he is also a great person, I felt extremely comfortable from the beginning of my case to the end of my sentencing that he had my best interest in hand. I highly recommend him!

Awesome lawyer, even better person.

Mr. Berne helped me out a lot with my case. He sat with me and went over every small detail. As a lawyer, he is easily accessible, returns all calls and emails, and is very thorough. As a man he is compassionate, understanding, and easy to talk to. Our experience was excellent, and one thing that stands out the most is that he doesn't like when people tell him no. He will fight for you. He is a great person, and glad to have had him on my side.

Fantastic lawyer

Immediately upon hiring Mr. Berne my family and I felt that my case was in great hands. He is always available when needed and truly cared about me as a client. In court, it is obvious that Steven Berne really knows what he is doing. Others in court always seemed to greet him with the upmost respect. On a very serious charge, Mr. Berne worked his magic in court and worked out a deal to get all my charges dropped upon successfully completing my part of the deal that was worked out. I was absolutely ecstatic! I can't thank Steven enough for all the work he has done for me.


Thank you Steven for your support and help to resolve the case. Great job done! Absolutely recommended!!!

Steven Berne will fight for your Rights!!!

Steven was a great determining attorney to me. He fight hard in the courtroom. Without giving up. He answered every call every text. I am very pleased with him. I would recommend him to anyone in need.

Great lawyer

We have consulted many lawyers and only felt comfortable with Steven Berne. He was on top of everything from start to end. Communication is key in situations like this and Mr. Berne was all about communication. When you hire Mr. Berne, you get Mr. Berne. Not some intern. Everything is face to face and he made sure everything was clear and well understood. He won the case for us. He was able to dismiss a felony case. He was very concerned and helpful. ONLY LAWYER THAT WOULD ACTUALLY LISTEN TO YOU. Thank you Mr. Berne


Steven is the greatest!!! He is a people lawyer and he makes sure he does his best. He was available at our every call and is going to do his best which is all you need cause he go hard no matter what ? we stay almost 2 hours away and he didnt blink to be here for us!!! You need a Great Lawyer call Steven Berne he is worth every dollar!! Thanks Steven we family for life.

Amazing Lawyer

Our initial consultation was very thorough and promising. Mr. Berne took the time to sit down with me and help me understand everything that needed to be done. He set realistic goals and worked even harder for higher goals. When we decided to hire him he hit the ground running and didn't stop until the job was done. Mr. Berne was able to get things accomplished in a timely and efficient manner. He also took the time to get to know us on a personal level so that we all felt comfortable throughout the case. The outcome of our overall case exceeded expectations. I'm thankful for all his hard work and would recommend his legal services to anyone.

Federal Case

Mr. Steven Berne is absolutely an amazing attorney. He is precise and keeps you up date with every decision. Mr. Berne handled my case very well. I was very pleased with the outcome to say the least. He stayed honest with me the entire time. Also, he will not give up unless you are happy. No matter what you are facing Mr. Berne will try his best to keep you comfortable through the whole situation. If I ever need another attorney he will definitely be my first choice. I hope that all of you highly consider him for your case. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Amazing Lawyer

Mr. Berne is a great lawyer to have and always willing to help his clients! I am very greatful for his effort to get a fair shake , he represented me very well in and out of the court room. I would recommend his services to anyone in need!! Thank you Mr. Berne!

Steven Berne Guaranteed Victory

Recently I was in an unfortunate situation where Steve Berne represented me and assured me that everything was going to be alright! So said, so done my charges was DISMISSED! I put my trust in Steve Berne and he took care of me and kept me informed at all times and he always answered when I called no matter the time of day! I'll recommend him to anyone! Guaranteed victory!


He is the absolute Best lawyer I could have hired. He is smart, attentive, caring ,he gets on your case fast& he is very experienced and knowledgeable. He consulted my about my case and lifted a burden and gave me a peace of mind. I know my case is in good hands and I'm not concerned or worried any more, no fear, I know I will have a good outcome. He is making sure everything humanly possible is done, no stone left unturned, his only concern is me and how to fix the problem using every resource available. He is not half doing anything, his work ethics are the best I've seen. he gives me updates and status on my case, good or bad. He is the utmost trusting lawyer, I have put my life in his hands with no fear and speaks volume. He is a Godsend and he is ensuring I get over and beyond the best representation possible. If you want the Best lawyer, you will definitely contact Steven Berne, he is definitely a true Super Lawyer. Whatever you need, he will make sure you have it, he is more than a lawyer, he is your case.

Melissa Lowe
Fantastic Lawyer

Steve Berne helped me in more ways than I thought were possible. I appreciated how hard he worked on my case and how much he obviously cared. Not only is he a great person, but he is a fantastic lawyer. He worked very hard on my case and I've gone back to him because of it.

DUI Attorney

As difficult as it is to deal with consequences to such circumstances along with options to pick and chose attorney, also could be overwhelming with too much of information We received through the internet. In this scenario my DUI case that got dragged to couple of years, which I happen to moved to different state for personal reason. I found Steven Berne is very responsive, knowledgable and experienced.

helpful lawyer

My family and I are very thankful for all his help. Mr. Berne was very helpful and trustworthy. We appreciate all his help.

Mr. Ortiz
Absolutely Trustworthy Attorney

Mr. Berne kept me abreast of everything going on in my case, good and bad. I had access to him 24hours.....He provided best and worst case scenarios, which helped me make the vest decicions on how to accept the plea given or go to trial....It was times I was overcome with emotions and when being comforted he seemed genuinely concerned about me, not just the job....This allowed me to trust him to strive for the best outcome for me, not just to rush for a paycheck. I thoroughly appreciate all he did, in my crisis situation.

with intent to distribute

If u want a lawyer thats not gonna lay down...and explore every option possible...then Steve is the man for u...He never gave up on my case...and kept fighting for me know matter how bad things the end I got probation....he definitly has the heart of a bulldog...very knowledgeable...and knows the law...Steve Bern is just an all around Homerun hitter....

The worst ride of my life

Mr. Berne is a very good defense attorney he kept me well informed about my court cases! I would definitely recommend Mr. Berne as a defense attorney he did his job! and he did a real good job at it so anybody out there reading this if you're in trouble I would think you might want to give Mr. Berne a call and see what he can help you with!! he helped me a lot of the big trouble that I had thank you Mr. Berne god bless you

The greatest lawyer

Mr. Berne helped me out a lot I had some very serious charges and managed to get three years charges included Hobbs act,robbery and etc....

John G Woodstock, Ga/ Steven Berne Review

I have hired Attorney Steven Berne for several different cases, There are people that choose professions that are not really suited for, not only has Mr. Berne chose the right profession, he has excelled to the highest degree. Mr. Berne is one of the few attorney's that cares about achieving justice for his client, and in my case, he didn't stop until justice was achieved. There really aren't words that I can express that will ever display my respect and appreciation for the job Mr. Berne has done for me.

Cash Unlawfully Seized

I had cash unlawfully seized from me on a traffic stop in Atlanta. I was referred to Steven Berne. Being from out of town he agreed to meet me on a Saturday to review the details of my situation. He quickly negotiated an agreement and had the cash returned to me.

Great Job

Many thanks to Steve Berne! He stood by me when Bank of America was trying to bully me. Steve worked diligently and aggressively to help me get all hundreds of thousands the bank was holding for no just reason. You got a client for life sir and I'm glad I retained you as my attorney.

The Best of The Best

I hired Mr. Berne for a state case and a federal case I was facing some serious time , the federal case was in another county at that!! Steven Berne had both cases dropped federal and state, I can't explain the joy I had when I heard the out come yes heard cause I didn't have to be there ,,,,yes that man is that awesome..

Great lawyer

Steven is a great lawyer and man. he kept me informed on my case every step of the way. if I had a question about my case, I could call him or email and hear back from him in very timely manner. he is very knowledgeable and told me what would what happen with my case when he first saw my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer.

Amazing Lawyer

Steven Berne was my lawyer for my DUI case. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. My case ended up better than expected because of him, so I really am thankful I was referred to him. I would absolutely hire him again and recommend him to anyone who wants a lawyer who will really work for them.

Review for misdemeanor legal case

Mr. Berne was compassionate and supportive. He assisted me with an unfair legal charge and was successful in obtaining a dismissal and expungement for my case. I would highly recommend him.

My hero

Steve Berne is a great lawyer not just for the money but for your freedom he help my boyfriend on his federal & state case he got him a great bond in federal and his violant crimes in state he got it throwed out. If you looking for a lawyer go see Steve Berne great funny man and he will help you & fight for your rights!!!

My Hero

Was in the mortgage industry running my own mortgage branch and investing on the side. A loan client was involved in a seperate investigation and as a result I became caugnt up as a subject of several investigations. I have never been accused of anything before and suddenly I am the subject of over 5 diffrent type of charges. My life as I knew it was at risk. Just doing 6 months would have been detrimental to my life. Pyschologly I was not prepare to spend one minute in orange. I was terrified!!! Steven was my lawyer, my counselor a friend. He walked me through my entire ordeal and explained the entire process. I did not do one day, no felony. My Hero, Steven Berne.

Great Lawyer

Mr. Berne did a great job. He was prepared each time we had to go in the court room and didn't beat around the bush to get anything done. He also had the charges dropped or reduced. Very satisfied with his work.

The man!!!

In 2000 Mr. Berne was my Federal attoryney i was 19 facing possibly a life sentence.I had no idea of the trouble i was in until it was to late.I had a mess several state pending charges for trafficking and now a federal conspiracy case.I remember it like yesterday my bond was denied and then i met Mr. Berne. From the beggining he was professional and very honest.He never promised me anything only told me he would do his best.I had no money to pay this man he was appointed to me by the court they say.I say higher power sent him to me,to my family.My mom called and called and he always other answered are returned the calls asap.He came to see me more than some payed lawyers came to see their clients.As time went on the case got worse and worse yet he fought harder and harder for me.I was ready to take the ten years and at sentencing i had got enhanced to 12 years.Before we walked in he told me dont worry about anything which was hard not too smh.GOD works in was we will never understand and he worked thru STEVEN P BERNE. I walked out with under 5 years and although i was going to PRISON.I walked out with my head high and a slight smile Mr. Berne you the man, thk u for saving me.

Very Happy Client

I have been a client of Mr. Berne several times now. Each time the outcome was better than I had hoped for. I would highly recommend him. In fact I did recommend him to one of my friends, and she was also happy.

Highly recommend

Steven Berne represented me on two separate matters in Atlanta. He is very well respected within the local legal community and is extremely knowledgeable. My most recent case was almost certainly going to have an unfavorable outcome, but he was able to negotiate a plea that enabled me to avoid jail time entirely and to be released from probation immediately. He kept me informed every step of the way and was completely honest with me about my case. It can be very confusing and stressful to be involved with the court system, but Steven gave me the support and expertise I needed to handle a difficult situation. I would recommend him to anyone.

Outstanding Attorney

He did an outstanding job; he stayed in contact with my family and had given great legal advice throughout the entire time of incarceration.

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