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On October 6, 2022, President Biden issued a presidential proclamation that pardoned many federal and D.C. offenses for simple marijuana possession offenses. On December 22, 2023, President Biden issued another proclamation that expanded the relief provided by the original proclamation. The December 2023 proclamation adds to the list of pardoned offenses the following: offenses under federal law for attempted possession of marijuana; additional offenses under the D.C. Code for simple marijuana possession; and violations of certain sections of the Code of Federal Regulations involving simple marijuana possession and use. The December 2023 proclamation also extends the original proclamation by pardoning offenses for simple possession of marijuana in violation of federal law prior to December 22, 2023. Both the October 2022 and December 2023 proclamations apply only to federal offenses, including violations of the U.S. Code, the D.C. Code, and the Code of Federal Regulations.

This proclamation is not applicable if the conviction is under state or local law.

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